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Stay Strong, Live long: The Best Healthy Foods

There is a general consensus that foods are either tasty or healthy, but never both. That's simply not true. Many of us have got into a habit of eating something that is quick. Usually processed. This isn't not a good idea. What can be quicker than washing a few veggies, or a handful of berries and nuts? It'll taste great, it'll help keep your metabolism balanced, reduce mood swings and even give you a kick to the start or end of your day. 

An apple a day keeps the doctor away is an expression we've all heard since childhood. And that is because it's the truth! Momma did know best. Apples are a rich source of antioxidants that prevents damage caused by free radicals in the body. Free radicals are the major culprits in aging and diseases. Antioxidants in apples have the ability to improve a person's life span and reduce the risk of developing heart diseases.  

Go Nuts and include natural almonds in your diet; they are an excellent source of iron, calcium, vitamins, and minerals like magnesium. They are ideal ingredients for maintaining cholesterol levels in blood. Almonds combine unsaturated fatty acids (the good kind) and high levels of fiber.

Be a part of team broccoli. If you are looking for ways to lower the risk of heart disease, broccoli is is your new best friend. It contains fiber, folate, minerals like potassium and calcium, antioxidants and vitamin C. 

Berries are a smart choice. Want to control weight, increase focus, and help reduce the risk of hypertension? Then include more blueberries in your plate. The active components present in these berries are known to prevent cognitive decline, stimulate fat burning and reduce the risk of fat deposition in the blood vessels. 

Plenty of "Fish in the Sea". Include more salmon, mackerel, herring, and anchovies in your diet to get more of omega-3-fatty acids. Adding more fish will decrease the risk of heart disease and stroke while also reducing symptoms of depression, hypertension, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), joint pain, arthritis and chronic skin ailments like eczema.  Fish oil has also been associated with aiding the body in weight loss, fertility, pregnancy and increased energy. 

Bring on the Veggies. Did you have your greens today? Green leafy vegetables reduce the risk of diabetes, and are rich sources of vitamins and minerals including selenium, copper, phosphorous, folic acid, and iron.

Other Smart Choices: Sweet potato is a root with a very high nutritional value. It is a good source of complex carbohydrates, and rich in fiber, beta carotene and vitamins. Wheat germ, avocados, and oatmeal are equally healthy. Including these in the diet plan is a sure shot way to better health. Other great sources are kale, bell peppers and spinach. The more colorful the fruits and veggies the better! 

Let's eat! 

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