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The Continued Journey to Finding a Cure for Celiac Disease

Though a gluten-free diet helps, it is not a cure

At present, a gluten-free diet is still the way to go. It is still the most tried and tested way to address celiac disease and has proven very effective. Fortunately, these days, maintaining the gluten-free diet is not as challenging as  a decade ago. Lists of food one can or cannot eat are everywhere on the internet. That being said, before jumping to a supposed recommended diet meal, it is best to first consult a physician regarding the whole process.

One thing is for certain– the fact that there are many branches of study that deal with celiac disease is promising. As ridiculous as it sounds, medicine is not a one-size-fits-all equation. Being that many pills, drugs, and vaccines are being researched is a good thing. One may not necessarily work for a certain body type while another might be ineffective due to the level of damage done in the intestinal tract.

Though the outlook is optimistic, any of these research projects may suddenly find themselves stopped for reasons that may never be publicized. The development stage is complex, but the testing ever more so. Safety for the populace is still the main concern. As much as researchers want to be able to deliver a cure as soon as possible, all are forced at a steady pace in the hopes of giving the best possible solution to celiac disease.

A gluten-free diet may be something people think would help them lose weight. However, for people who have celiac disease, it’s a daily necessity to maintain their everyday life. Though the gluten-free diet is there to help, it is not the answer to the disease. This fact is the driving force of many research scientists, doctors, and physicians in their journey to find a cure.