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The Heartbreaking Loss, Grief, and Bereavement of Alzheimer's Disease

What is the best way to cope with Alzheimer's? Take it one day at a time

Wilkins said that in the beginning, it's easy to talk to your loved one as a child. "No, you can't do this, no you can't do that. For me it felt like our roles switched," Betsy mentioned. It has taken a lot out of her to not get frustrated. Once, when her father was taking care of her mother, she had forgotten about her pills and had taken the ones she was supposed to take at night, rather than the morning. Since then, Betsy has taken it upon herself to personally hand her pills to her mother to make sure that she would take the correct ones. When her symptoms had first started to get severe, Betsy noticed that her mother would forget to do the most simple of things, like feeding the dog or locking the door at night. At first, she would reprimand her and scold her, but later on, she knew that this wasn't the way to go. Betsy said, "My patience has definitely increased. My knowledge of Alzhiemer's mainly came from Grey's Anatomy and The Notebook, and now having first-hand experience, I've learned that these portrayals show nothing."