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The Importance of Self-Love with Fibromyalgia

Setting Goals

It is hard to start if there is no outlined starting point. Sitting down and being honest with oneself about what they want can make all the difference in getting an effective self-love journey off the ground.

Beware that while authoring this list of goals, the goal setter is not too mean to themselves. It is so common to come up with harsh goals that just wind up making a person feel worse, like “lose weight” or other somewhat critical goals. While there is nothing wrong with setting physical expectations of oneself, it is important to be nice to oneself. Think of goals that will make you feel more fulfilled, even if they will accomplish the same thing.

For example, if you are trying to lose weight, that’s fine, but phrasing it that way may give you a lot of stress. Think about root reasons. Why do you want to lose weight? To feel more confident? Make a goal around confidence. To be healthier? Make a goal about improving a lifestyle in small, immediately noticeable ways (like “drink more water” or “go on more walks” or “find new ways to prepare spinach). Use less aggressive wording with yourself.