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The Importance of Self-Love with Fibromyalgia

The Importance of Self-Love with Fibromyalgia

The Importance of Self-Love with Fibromyalgia

Often, people view mental health and physical health as two entirely different things. Unfortunately, as a consequence, mental health is frequently overlooked and attaches a negative social stigma to the person suffering from such health issues.

However, mental health and physical health actually go hand in hand. In recent years, the idea of self-love has become more widespread and has disseminated throughout larger audiences. Learning how to deal with emotional turmoil, mental health illnesses, and how to positively channel anxious energy can greatly improve patients’ quality of life.

Furthermore, people who have not previously had a mental illness may find themselves dealing with new mental issues upon receiving a chronic illness diagnosis. Many patients with chronic illnesses find that not only is it more challenging for them to do things physically, but they also face mental and emotional obstacles and often experience sharp drops in self-esteem.

It is normal to take one’s body for granted until it gets sick. It’s like when people get a really bad cold and suddenly can’t breathe through their noses, so they daydream about the days of yore when they could breathe easily and took it for granted. However, this “cold” is a chronic illness, which means that, unlike the theoretical cold, this condition will be around much longer. Upon realizing the fragility of the body, patients may feel angry, resentful, or even afraid of their own bodies.

First, one should understand what exactly the issue is and then take appropriate actions to solve those problems. Self-love and self-care are considered vital for all individuals. Sit down and try to be honest with yourself about what you can do to make a difference and start on a cathartic journey of self-love. But while listing down your goals, try not to be harsh with yourself. Instead, think of goals that will make you feel fulfilled. When suffering from chronic illness, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to carry out exercises, especially for those patients who are in constant or near-constant pain. But getting active is very important for one’s physical and mental well-being.

Yoga is a popular form of physical activity across the globe that is good for people of nearly all physical abilities. Multiple studies have shown the positive impact yoga has on the mind as well as the body, and it also helps improve the overall quality of life of an individual. By practicing yoga and making it a daily habit, you create your own special (as well as private) space that is just for you. If you find it difficult to carry out yoga all by yourself, you can consider hiring an instructor or a trainer to help you get through the exercises.

When you are dealing with chronic illness, it is important first to clear your mind of any negative thoughts, for which you will need to find a person to whom you can speak your heart and who is equally trustworthy in your eyes. You can also search for a good therapist whom you can meet with personally or talk to on the phone. Meditation is also seen as an incredible way to improve your perspective on self-love. There are multiple websites and online applications that can take listeners on an incredible guided meditation.

Regular practice of meditation can help you quieten your mind and make you calm. Always strive to have positive thoughts in your mind, as well. For this, you can work on creating a suitable mantra that works best for you. Think of positive, comforting words to inspire yourself. When you feel yourself becoming emotional, play that mantra in your head and remind yourself that you are strong.