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The Link Between Exercise and Multiple Sclerosis

Did exercise help?

Did exercise help?

Standard forms of exercise, aerobic, and resistance training, did help. But not one hundred percent. Two out of the five studies which examined those forms of exercise resulted in significant improvements in the criteria of physical fitness, physical function, and multiple sclerosis symptoms.

Under half is not great, but do note that the word used was “significant” improvement. Mild improvement was not included, and a worsening of the symptoms did not even raise its head. Forty percent of studies showing significant improvement is a better thing than if eighty of the studies showed barely any improvement, especially when the researchers were focusing on the former.

So that was generic exercise, how about exercise methods designed specifically to be used by people with mobility disabilities?

The studies which used adapted exercise modalities fared a bit better. Nine out of the thirteen studies showed significant improvements in the criteria given above.

That is a significant improvement in sixty nine percent of cases. Not quite double the improvement seen by those who practiced your run-of-the-mill forms of exercise.