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The Link Between Exercise and Multiple Sclerosis

Exercise and you

Exercise and you

So, if you have impaired mobility as a result of multiple sclerosis, should you exercise? Many would be inclined to say yes.

If you can, find a personal trainer who has training in working with people with multiple sclerosis, especially if they know about techniques such as total-body recumbent stepper training and body-weight support treadmill training.

As those are not common exercises, it may be difficult to track them down. In fact, rather than your local gym, it may be beneficial to ask around at a nearby research hospital. They may have the required facilities or know where to find people who do.

If you cannot find such specialized facilities, then try the standard workout methods. Start slow and easy, even more slowly and easily than recommended by most sources of information, and make sure not to over exert yourself.

Aerobic and resistance exercise may not bring about the same positive results as adapted exercise modalities, but will be better than nothing. Any improvement is an improvement.

And remember, make sure to stay safe. Pushing yourself too hard with exercise will not result in anything good for you. Start slow, stay cool, and end your exercise at the first sign of pain or sickness. Good luck!