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The Major Differences Between Fibro Trigger Points and Tender Points

Treating TRP's

There are ways to actually treat these points, but it sometimes takes both time and patience as the pain will not be relieved right away. One way to treat a trigger point area could be by rolling a tennis ball on the bottom of your foot, or even using a foot roller that can be found in sports stores, therapy centers or online. Using these can also help relax other parts of the body since many of them are connected directly to the bottoms of the feet.

In most cases, permanent pain in the bottoms of the feet can address the needs to start a safe fitness routine intertwined with rest periods that allow body to relax. Learning to exercise in order to reduce pain may seem a little out there, since exercise usually requires a lot of twisting and turning. But finding more gentle workouts, like walking or yoga, may help many patients deal with their pain.