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The Road to Health, Long Life and Happiness. We Break it Down

The Road to Health, Long Life and Happiness. We Break it Down

Who doesn't want health, a long life, and happiness? It may sound easy to attain all three, however, it can be a long and difficult road. But, when you break it down into manageable goals, you'll be thriving before you know it.

These are some tips to help you along the way:

Hang out with friends and family 

It is absolutely crucial to have human contact for health, a long life, and happiness. Being a part of your community is important, and it makes you feel needed. Compound that with friends and family, and even a relationship, and you will be virtually incapable of feeling lonely.

So, plan times to hang out with those around you - not just your closest friends, but absolute strangers as well. This will enrich your mind and offer insights into ways of life that you were previously unfamiliar with. Bring different friend groups together, and you might see other relationships grow from people who might not have ever met each other, all because of you! So, by bringing people together you aren't just fighting for your own support system and a sense of community, but for others as well!

Put permanent over temporary

When making goals for health and happiness, focus on lifelong options instead of the ones you will only keep around for a while. For example, most people who buy Fitbits or Apple watches to track their movement only use them for about a year before giving them up. Instead, join a group of people to run with, join an exercise class, or even just decide to walk around the block every day with your partner. This sense of creating permanent routines gives a new meaning to life, and keeps you happy and healthy for longer periods of time. Plus, you will be having fun in the process. This doesn't just apply to fitness, but with any activity. You can join a book club, go to the same healthy restaurant once a week, or dedicate a specific day to have a game night once a month. Whatever it is, keep it around.

Change The Way You Eat

While this is the most difficult step for many, making the switch to healthier foods is extremely important. Very few people have enough fruits, healthy grains, and vegetables in their diets, so try to add some more into yours. Also, cut down on your meat intake, if you can. You don't have to become a vegetarian, but limiting the amount you consume can have tremendous health benefits, such as reducing your risk for heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Not only should you change the way you eat in what you eat, but with how you eat. Don't rush your meals, and, if possible, always eat with someone else. Meals should be shared and enjoyed, not simply used for temporary sustenance. Actually taking the time to enjoy your meal is proven to reduce stress and help in digestion.

Read on to learn more manageable goals and tips to help you attain health, a long life, and happiness.