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The Signs of Being Sapiosexual

What Does Sapiosexual Mean?

Key Takeaways

  • Sapiosexual describes someone who finds intelligence and the human mind to be the most sexually attractive feature in the opposite sex
  • Your partner’s intelligence is a sexual turn-on in itself.
  • A sapiosexual only appreciates someone who is on the same page with him or her regarding grammar and conversation.

What it means to be sapiosexual

Sapiosexual describes someone who finds intelligence and the human mind to be the most sexually attractive feature in the opposite sex. This just means that you may love someone based on his/her intellectual capability. It is a neologism word coined from the Latin word sapien; meaning wise, and sexual.

The understanding between people plays a major role in relationships. Each loving affairs follows an attraction to something(s); be it wealth, beauty, fame, an individual’s personality, and knowledge. Your relationship with your partner goes beyond the attraction to physical beauty and sexual chemistry. Instead, it extends further to another character that is of importance in the long run. This allows you to appreciate other parts of the body aside from beauty.

Sapiosexuality will make you better understand the qualities you are looking for in a partner. It will also help you discover and appreciate other qualities of your partner if you are already in love. Sapiosexual’s usually like people who are directly knowledgeable, fluent, and who have careers in one of the scientific or specialized fields like law, medicine, and engineering.

Sapiosexuality will make you love the character of your partner beyond mere physical beauty. Your partner’s intelligence is a sexual turn-on in itself. This condition is probably also appreciated most when you have another sapio as your partner.


Signs of being sapiosexual

Many people admire intelligence but probably don’t know that they are sapiosexual, or a sapiophile. The following points will provide more explanation about knowing your status as a sapiosexual.

People are more attractive than first thought

A sapiosexual finds they are more attracted and in love with someone as they get to know them better. Rather than realizing their attraction to someone based off of the individual’s physical appearance, a sapiosexual will realize their attraction for an individual upon the individual displaying their intelligence. As time goes on, they will discover their beauty as well.

A good example of this taking place would be college, where you probably develop an interest in someone based on their brilliance or how they speak or conduct themselves. Then you started to notice other qualities they possess such as beauty or body figure.

Sapiosexuals find attraction in people as they get to know them and talk to them more. This is because what makes them attracted to them cannot be revealed simply upon visuals alone.

Bad communication and grammar are not tolerated

A sapiosexual, or sapiophile, only appreciates someone who is on the same page with him or her regarding grammar and conversation. They prefer someone who can write a long text of expression than someone who always uses an abbreviation.

A Sapiosexual can still pardon someone who mistakenly or hurriedly shortened words but that will change if shortening of words becomes a habit. They may become agitated at frequently receiving messages that are written incorrectly. They may also feel these errors are an example of the individual lacking intelligence.

Knowledge and emotional intelligence are turn-ons

Sapiosexual are always turned on by someone with good IQ. Whatever form of knowledge or brilliance possessed by a person is enough to turn on a sapiosexual. The sapiosexual has an interest in individuals with good intelligence or academic excellence.

Sapiosexuals are also often turned on by emotional intelligence. They are able to read feelings appropriately. They also know the best kind of response that matches such emotions.

They are impressed by humility

Your credentials may not be enough to impress a sapiosexual. Instead, they are impressed by the fact that your humility makes it impossible to talk about your credentials. They are ready to brag on your behalf.

They engage more in witty conversations

Sapiosexuals prefer testing their wits by engaging in spells of comedy and sarcasm with their friends. If you prefer sharing sarcastic jokes with your colleagues rather than boring discussions, you are most likely sapiosexual. Not only do sapiosexuals reply to texts with correct grammar, but they also use the right grammar.

They enjoy time to themselves

Sapiosexuals appreciate being left alone. They find as much enjoyment in their time alone as they do when they are sitting comfortably with others. They cringe if anyone tries to fill every period of silence clumsily.

They do not care about the current trends

Sapiosexuals are not really interested in popular trends. However, they still like individuals to have great taste in life. Only sapiosexuals will quit a relationship because their partner has poor taste.

They appreciate correct grammar

Sapiophiles appreciate those who make use of proper grammar at all times, especially when chatting or texting. They also find those who can adequately understand the different usages of words as well as their meaning such as ‘they’re,’ ‘their,’ and ‘there’ as super sexy.

The pros and cons of being a sapiosexual

Being sapiosexual is not by choice rather it is by natural selection; it is part of your chemical makeup just like lesbianism and being gay. This chemical makeup makes you have a natural affinity for intelligent and smart people. Sapiosexuality makes you appreciate and have a good relationship with others for a longer period since it is based on a real character and not just physical beauty.

A good and long-lasting relationship is more likely to exist between a sapio and their partner. This is because they will build their relationship on true mind rather than attraction.

Many relationships that are built on physical attractions tend to fade or collapse within a short period. When the course of attraction is no longer there, there is often nothing else left to hold the relationship together.

In another way, sapiosexual are more selective and look for some unique traits or character in choosing their partner. If there is a mismatch in marriage, this causes problems as too much will be required of their partner. It can take quite some time to find a partner of the same intellectual caliber.

Another problem associated with sapiosexuality is having a bad impression about another person such as a partner. The rating could set up an unhealthy relationship and have a sense of being inferior or superior to their partner.

Other popular types of sexual orientation

Apart from sapiosexuals, there are still other types of sexual orientations. These include:

  • Androsexual: Androsexual was coined out of the term ‘Androphilia.’ It is used to describe sexual orientations outside of the basic classifications of homo and hetero.
  • Asexual: Asexual describes a group of individuals that are not attracted to anyone sexually for any reason. Though asexuality may sound strange, it is entirely natural.
  • Demisexual: Demisexual describes a group of individuals who do not experience sexual attraction unless they form a stronger emotional connection with an individual first.
  • Gynosexual: Gynosexual was obtained from the term “Genyphilia.” They are individuals that are sexually attracted to females.
  • Graysexual: Graysexual describes individuals who usually do not experience any form sexual drive, or they may only experience low sexual drive on rare occasions.
  • Metrosexual: Metrosexual is a combination of sexual and metropolitan. A metrosexual person is a heterosexual urban man that enjoys fashion, shopping, and other similar interests customarily related to homosexual men or women. 
  • Omnisexual or Pansexuality: Omnisexual or Pansexuality can be referred to as the sexual, emotional, or romantic feelings towards individuals irrespective of their gender or sexual identity. Omnisexuality or Pansexuality is usually mixed up with bisexuality, but Omnisexual or Pansexual are much more comprehensive terms since they are not restricted to just two genders.
  • Polysexual: People who describe themselves as polysexual are attracted to two-spirit people, third gender people, transgender people, genderqueer people, and even those that are intersex. Nevertheless, polysexuality may not be the exclusive attraction towards non-binary sexes or genders, though it can be.


A sapiosexual is a person who is attracted to knowledge or individual character other than sex. They are turned on by characters or a particular trait other than beauty. A real sapiosexual loves knowledge without reason. They get thrilled by what others can do and love through the mind.

There are many conditions that can indicate sapiosexual such as being attraction to knowledge, loving without taking beauty into account, and interest in what they know.