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The Surgical Treatment Options for Sleep Apnea

Other methods that may be better than UPPP

Expansion sphincter pharyngoplasty 

This procedure that does not involve much removal of the soft tissue, instead, the muscle behind the tonsils is freed along with the reshaping of soft palate tissues with the help of sutures. For some patients, this may be a better option as compared to UPPP.

Uvulopalatal flap

It does not involve the removal of soft tissues or muscles, but a lining of mucosa is removed to allow better folding of the soft palate muscle.

Lateral pharyngoplasty

This is more invasive than UPPP and used in those with intact tonsils. It involves the removal of the tonsils, the correction of the sides of the throat, and the removal of the soft tissue from either the soft palate or the roof of the mouth.