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The Surprising Relationship Between Smoking and Ulcerative Colitis

All of the reasons to quit

Smoking is one of the easiest ways you can damage your overall health. It causes harmful effects to most parts of the body. It damages the lungs, heart, and can cause a lot of different health issues. If a mother smokes while pregnant, it can create irreversible damage to the unborn child. The toxins in cigarettes reduce the ability of the immune system to function properly and fight illness. It causes cancer, it smells bad, and it stains teeth. The list of reasons to not smoke seems endless. The fight to end smoking has come a long way considering decades ago, many more people smoked. Everyone smoked everywhere, even hospitals. Can you imagine meeting with your doctor for your IBD flare-up as he sits there with a cigarette? These days, smoking isn’t permitted anywhere on most hospital grounds.