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These 12 Women Never Had the Big 'O' - Can the Relationship Survive?

30 percent of women have trouble achieving an orgasm with a partner AND with self-stimulation

The key takeaway is that not having an orgasm is a more common occurrence than people think, so no woman should feel alone with her lack of climax. The statistics back this up, too: according to Planned Parenthood, 80% of women have trouble achieving orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone, and 30% still fail to achieve a climactic finish with both a partner and self-stimulation. Whether it’s due to a medical condition, like female sexual dysfunction (FSD), or it simply doesn’t happen as often as one would expect, an inability to reach the Big O is not a reflection on a woman’s character nor something to be ashamed of. It is not a sign of inadequacy on the part of either participant. It should either be treated as a medical or psychological condition that needs to be addressed or seen as just one minor aspect of an individual’s overall sexual experience.