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These 12 Women Never Had the Big 'O' - Can the Relationship Survive?

90% of women do not achieve an orgasm due to psychological and physical reasons

According to a report by the Cleveland Clinic, only 10% of women are able to achieve an orgasm with ease, every time. For the remaining 90%, a number of factors can inhibit their ability to climax. On the psychological side of the spectrum, many women have a mental block that prevents them from experiencing sexual gratification. Whether it is due to a childhood trauma that resulted in low self-confidence or a frustration born of multiple failures to orgasm, the mind can be a powerful inhibitor in the sexual arena.

There are also physical culprits that must be taken into consideration. For example, spending hours sitting at a desk or wearing high heels can affect one’s pelvic muscles and result in pain during intimacy. Medications can also be a factor, as a low libido can frequently be a possible side effect. In essence, there are a great many reasons why a woman cannot achieve an orgasm, so it’s important to be up front about any issues, no matter how embarrassed one may feel.