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These 12 Women Never Had the Big 'O' - Can the Relationship Survive?

Bea thinks there's something wrong with for never having the Big "O"

Due to its intimate nature, many women feel embarrassed at their inability to orgasm and aren’t comfortable talking about it with their sexual partners. Bea, a 27-year-old from Southampton, has been having (and enjoying) sex for over a decade, however, despite a steady boyfriend who is very caring and attractive, she has not once experienced a climax. When she started having sex at 15, her lack of orgasm quickly made Bea think there was something wrong with her, and her embarrassment caused her to lie to her then-boyfriend as well as all her friends. Now, she’s found someone she truly cares about, but she still doesn’t feel confident enough to confess her problem to him. “I worry and fret and want it to be over,” Bea says. “I’m so much better at faking orgasms than I am at admitting I’ve never had one.” She knows things won’t change unless she takes that brave step forward and confides in her boyfriend, but she just isn’t ready yet.