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These 12 Women Never Had the Big 'O' - Can the Relationship Survive?

Just because you didn't have an orgasm, doesn't mean you didn't have fun

Many women attest that sex can still be very enjoyable even without reaching a climax. Sure, most everyone hopes to orgasm during their sexual encounters, but given the percentage of women who have trouble doing so, it’s apparent the emphasis needs to shift from the destination to the actual journey itself. Jenna, a 29-year-old on anti-anxiety medication, says, "I rarely orgasm, and I don't care," and she’s not alone in this sentiment. Many couples are setting aside the goal of reaching a climactic finish in favor of enjoying the whole experience. This mindset aligns with the practice known as “karezza,” which is a form of intercourse that focuses on the intimacy of sex and actually looks to avoid orgasms for both partners. Karezza has shown to strengthen the bond between partners of all ages. Once the pressure of climaxing is removed, many couples find sex to be even better than before.