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Sex went from taboo, to something that is openly discussed

Only recently has sex become a topic more easily brought up rather than viewed as a shameful act or a cause of embarrassment when discussed openly. Twenty years ago, the very mention of the word would be enough to elicit frowns of disapproval from one’s peers. Today, however, more doctors and social activists are encouraging the open discussion of sex to promote mental and physical health, as well as greater social acceptance.

Parents who are uncomfortable discussing sex with their children simply continue the cycle of biological ignorance, and often times, pubescent teens are left even more confused and their sexuality. The greater one’s knowledge of the body and how it works, the more capable they will be of recognizing when something is wrong, as well as take better care of their emotional needs by achieving sexual gratification. 
Sex is a common and important part of people’s lives, and given how prominent a role it plays, it should not be kept behind closed doors. Some things need to be discussed outside the bedroom.