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These 12 Women Never Had the Big 'O' - Can the Relationship Survive?

This 45 year-old used a special trick to finally have her orgasm

Although it may seem hopeless for many women, some who went years without obtaining an orgasm have found a solution. One anonymous 45-year-old spent over 20 years unable to climax, but finally, at age 42, she succeeded in overcoming her sexual obstacles.

She began having sex at 19, blaming her lack of satisfaction on her and her partner’s inexperience. But as time went on and she kept engaging in sexual activity, she grew increasingly frustrated at the absence of an orgasm after each encounter. Things didn’t improve when she got married, so she started doing her own research and consulting a doctor. Finally, she found success when she began taking testosterone shots. It didn’t work right away, but once it kicked in, the results were significant — and incredibly gratifying.

“Now I know what I’ve been missing!” she stated. The side effects of the injections eventually became too much for her, but she continues to reap the benefits of them to this day. She recommends looking into testosterone for any woman struggling with orgasms.