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These 12 Women Never Had the Big 'O' - Can the Relationship Survive?

Though 21, this girl realized that men take her sexual experience as a challenge

As frustrating as it is for a woman not to have an orgasm, additional issues can arise if their lovers feel responsible and thus inadequate. Many see it as a challenge to their sexual abilities and feel the need to help their partner climax in order to reassure themselves of their own competence. One anonymous girl, although only 21, learned this all too quickly. She admitted she’s never masturbated, with the few times she’s tried having been less than enjoyable, but she has been with multiple sexual partners and not once has she achieved an orgasm. Each time she reveals her problem, too, she experiences the same cycle: “every time I’ve told [my partners] that I’ve never had an orgasm, they get an excited gleam in their eyes,” at the thought of boosting their egos and sexual prowess by making her climax. However, they ultimately fail and simply go back to focusing on their own pleasure, leaving this poor girl to deal with her frustration on her own.