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These Doctors and Nurses Reveal What Grey's Anatomy Has Wrong About Medicine

And the hospital cafeterias barely have healthy food

Ironically, most hospital cafeterias are severely lacking when it comes to healthy food options. Eating a healthy diet is among the most commonly delivered medical advice. Doctors are constantly telling patients that eating healthy is crucial for optimal health and wellbeing. Yet, the food selection in most hospital cafeterias can make it difficult for doctors to follow their own advice.

Hospital cafeteria food tends to be high in sugar, salt, fat, and cholesterol. Most hospital food is frozen, packaged, and heavily processed. Fried foods and red meat are common. These foods are far from healthy, but they tend to be more cost-effective for hospitals, who must provide a large volume of food for patients, visitors, and staff each day. Nevertheless, many people point out that it’s hypocritical and unethical for hospitals to serve unhealthy food that is known to cause or worsen medical issues.

Photo source: ABC