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These Doctors and Nurses Reveal What Grey's Anatomy Has Wrong About Medicine

For one, the on-call rooms look like on-call rooms.

The on-call rooms on Grey’s Anatomy actually do look like real-life on-call rooms. Hospital on-call rooms tend to be incredibly simple and basic. Most hospitals barely allocate any funding to the on-call rooms. In many hospitals, physicians even have to provide—and change—their own sheets!

If you think doctors are pampered, think again—at least when it comes to on-site accommodations. Just like on Grey’s Anatomy, most real-life hospital docs have to relax in less-than-comfortable on-call rooms while they’re on the job. On-call rooms are more like barracks than luxury suites.

Hospital docs work ridiculously long shifts, so they have to take breaks periodically to avoid exhaustion and fatigue-induced medical mistakes. Unfortunately for tired docs, the mattresses and sofas in most on-call rooms are notoriously uncomfortable. Good luck trying to get in a refreshing power-nap on a cheap plastic mattress.

Photo source: ABC