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These Doctors and Nurses Reveal What Grey's Anatomy Has Wrong About Medicine

Medicine is not the Hunger Games. Most doctors do not refer to surgery as "a game".

The characters on Grey’s Anatomy can be a bit dramatic. Actually, they can be extremely dramatic. Of course, people on television tend to talk differently than people in real, everyday life, and Grey’s Anatomy is no exception.

The way the doctors on Grey’s Anatomy speak is way different than how actual, real-life doctors speak. The melodramatic speeches on Grey’s make for entertaining television, but they’re not realistic.

Unlike Dr. Webber, most real-life doctors would never refer to surgery as “the game.” It may sound cool and intense, but it’s not a phrase people toss around in the real world. After all, medicine is not the Hunger Games. Practicing medicine can certainly be intense and even dramatic at times, but that’s just not how people talk. That kind of speech tends to be reserved for movies and television shows, not real-life hospitals.

Photo source: ABC