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These Doctors and Nurses Reveal What Grey's Anatomy Has Wrong About Medicine

Sometimes, doctors really do say "I don't know" when they have a complicated case.

Even doctors don’t have all the answers all the time. Sometimes, doctors find themselves faced with an incredibly complicated, puzzling case. Understandably, this can be incredibly frustrating for patients and their families who are desperate for answers. However, just because a doctor says “I don’t know,” doesn’t mean he or she isn’t doing his best to get to the bottom of things.

Even if a doctor is uncertain about the nature of a patient’s illness, they can still inform the patient that they are taking specific steps to rule out certain possibilities and explore other explanations. It’s tough to be patient when you’re in the hospital feeling unwell, but it’s important to remember that doctors aren’t superhuman. The human body is incredibly complex, and even the most knowledgeable and experienced doctors don’t completely understand all its mysteries.

Photo source: ABC