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These Treatment Options Can Prevent Fatal Consequences for Sleep Apnea

Auto-titrating CPAP devices, also known as the "Smart CPAP"

The latest in the development of CPAP equipment therapy is the auto-titrating CPAP device. This device is affectionately known as a smart CPAP because it makes fine-tunings in air pressure throughout the night. Different pressures are needed for various intensities of sleep apnea episodes and sleep positions. The goal of the auto-titrating CPAP is to acquire the most reduced weight for each apnea event. Sensors direct pneumatic stresses depending on the intensity of your apnea episode.

The auto-titrating CPAP device also recognizes your sleep position, which can cause increased or decreased air pressure. In other words, the device does not stay at a consistent intensity of pressure like a traditional CPAP device. However, ne drawback of auto-titrating CPAP are the air leaks that come as a consequence of a sensor misjudging airflow pressures.