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These Treatment Options Can Prevent Fatal Consequences for Sleep Apnea

BiPAPs are typically used by those with central sleep apnea

If you have trouble accepting elevated air pressures or the constant air pressure of a CPAP machine, your doctor may prescribe a BiPAP machine. It operates just like a CPAP machine in delivering air pressure during sleep, but the BiPAP features lower pressure at exhalation and provides pressure during inspiration. With a BiPAP machine, you will not feel as if you are exhaling against high pressure while breathing.

If you have difficulties exhaling or need high pressure to keep your airways open, a BiPAP machine will be best for you. Those with central sleep apnea use BiPAP machines to help them inhale and exhale. If you are curious, central sleep apnea is a rare condition caused by neurological disabilities not sending the proper signals from the brain to instruct the mouth and lungs to breath.