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Top 10 Gluten-Free Universities in the United States

Top 10 Gluten-Free Universities in the United States

The gluten-free diet might be a popular trend in the U.S., but this diet actually has a far great purpose. When a Celiac patient consumes gluten, a protein typically found in wheat, rye and barley, it leads to damage in the small intestines and often excruciating bloating, cramps and pain.  

Though the prevalence of celiac disease is roughly just 1% in the United States, there are approximately 3 million people who are not diagnosed. 

Starting college is stressful for anyone. Being a freshman with Celiac disease can turn the stress level up even higher.  Managing your diet is difficult, especially when you are away from home. Any patient with celiac disease does not want a reaction from ingesting gluten. And, when you live on campus and have to eat in the dining halls, your options might be limited.

Fortunately, there are some colleges who have responded positively to students who need certain accommodations, including gluten free foods. 

Here are the leading universities in the United States with gluten-free and allergen-free dining options.

1. Boston University

Boston University only provides gluten-free options to those with celiac or gluten-sensitivities. Students must attend a class hosted by a Sargent Center Dietitian in order to avail their gluten-free products. This is similar to acquiring a club membership. A wide selection of prepackaged gluten-free products is available in their dining hall pantries. These range from pancake mix to frozen dinners. 

A gluten-free station is also available in the Marciano Commons building, as well as the Warren Towers in the campus.

2. University of Arizona

Nutritional assistance is provided to students in the University of Arizona. The services of a  registered dietician are also available to those who need the guidance of general nutrition. However, the university does not provide a residential dining experience, but students can purchase their food in campus stores. They have restaurants, cafes, and food marts all over the campus. These establishments offer gluten-free labeled products such as burgers and bagels. The university also offers allergy-free, vegan, as well as dairy-free options for those who require it.