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US Military Personnel Are More At Risk for Sleep Disorders

Should the military issue a CPAP machine? You decide

Is it practical for the military to issue the use of a CPAP or continuous positive airway pressure machine? A CPAP is a bulky device connected to a face mask that uses a constant steam of pressurized air to keep the mouth and throat in the proper position for breathing.

This device is useful if a person is stationary, but it can also be uncomfortable, inconvenient and irritating. For active duty soldiers, CPAP therapy is downright impossible and impractical. The machine is heavy to carry and requires a nearby electrical outlet.

Another form of PAP therapy includes PAP devices that use battery back-up. Batter back up is great, but the machines are noisy. What would happen if a group of military personnel are on maneuvers and using their noisy machines? It could result in something very dangerous.