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Understanding why Depression Is Associated With Parkinson's Disease

Fighting "D" in Parkinson's Disease

Fighting "D" in Parkinson's Disease

“D” is not an invincible devil, with practice, skills, and timely help from a good specialist, it is very much conquerable. It is vital not to neglect depression, and recognize the grave threat posed by it. Sometimes a person may be suffering from depression may not be willing to accept the problem, thus it is the duty of caretakers and close ones, to understand depression. Many people suffering from depression may hide their true feelings, and thus may remain unnoticed. Several high-profile suicides due to depression are proof that how difficult this condition is to recognize, thus it is important for a person and caregivers to talk to each other, have an honest discussion on mental issues from time to time.

Treatment approach to depression associated with Parkinson’s disease has to be multidimensional, involving medications, learning about mood disturbances and strategies to cope them, along with emotional support from friends and family (6).

While taking medications is a must, here are our tips for coping with depression.