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Vitamin D Testing Can Predict Risk of Multiple Sclerosis in Women

Can vitamin D supplements be used as a preventive measure?

Dr. Mungar believes that what they found supports the idea that correcting vitamin D deficiency could potentially decrease the risk of developing multiple sclerosis. Though their results are promising, there needs to be a lot more research into the matter. For one, we don’t really know what kind of dosing schedule or regimen would bring the most benefit for reducing risk.

Regardless, the use of vitamin D for preventing multiple sclerosis seems like a great idea. The vitamin is also known to bring a lot of other health benefits for people. Vitamin D deficiencies are very common as well. There are already many public health initiatives that promote interventions that help improve vitamin D levels at a population level. What Dr. Mungar and her team found only provides stronger evidence to support how important vitamin D is for our overall health. It’s pretty likely that we can use this supplement in a safe and advantageous way.

You can read more about Dr. Mungar’s work in the online Journal of Neurology.