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Want to Become a Lupus Advocate? Here’s How.

Participate in fundraisers like Walk to End Lupus Now and Cut it Out

Just like spreading lupus awareness, there are also lots of local and national fundraising campaigns that anyone can a part of, either by donating or sharing these campaigns through social media. Some of these initiatives include the Make Your Mark campaign held by the Lupus Foundation of America, and the Walk to End Lupus Now events, which are held in several locations throughout the country. The In Tribute donation is a way that anyone can put some funds directed towards a person whose life was directly impacted by lupus. Through this initiative, anyone can create and share a tribute page and create milestones to celebrate events in a lupus survivor’s life. The Cut it Out initiative requires a person to remove one habit from their life for 14 days, and directs the funds saved to lupus research.