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What Are the Health Benefits of Bitter Melon?

It helps improve blood sugar levels

There is a hypoglycemic compound in bitter melon. This compound is said to be helpful in improving the body's ability for utilizing sugar to produce energy. In a lot of ways, the extract of bitter melon works very similarly to insulin, which is known to produce it naturally. A few of the complications, as well as symptoms, that are normally associated with diabetes are damage caused to the kidney or nephropathy, certain eye related disorders such as glaucoma and cataracts, damage caused to the blood vessel, irregularities in the hormone, complications related to heart, and the menstrual changes occurring in women.

Certain studies have shown that the effect of bitter melon depends on how it is consumed by the individual. Bitter melon when consumed in its raw form or in the form of juice is known to be helpful in lowering the blood glucose levels when tested in animals. However, other studies have shown that the response would differ from one person to another.