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What Are the Health Benefits of Bitter Melon?

There are several different kinds of bitter melon

Bitter melon has several names across the globe, incuding bitter gourd, carilla fruit, balsam and bitter apple. It belongs to the plant family of cucurbitaceae. Today, it is mostly grown in two different varieties due to the medicinal benefits that it provides. Those two varieties are, M.charantiavar.muricata and the second one is M.charantiavar.charantia. This is mostly grown throughout various parts of India.

There are over a dozen of bitter melon species that can be found across the world. All of them have various properties in terms of size, appearance, texture and taste. The one that is grown widely is a type of bitter melon that produces a round and small fruit that has a distinct sour taste. The immature form of fruit can be eaten either as a vegetable or with other stir-fried veggies as well. This species of bitter melon can be consumed either raw or in cooked form.