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What Are the Treatment Options for Chickenpox?

What Are the Treatment Options for Chickenpox?

What should I do if my child has the chickenpox?

  1. The biggest trouble for your kid is the tortuous itchiness, which has a wavy pattern of occurrence, and the elements of the rash do not appear only once. It can last up to three to five days. In order to help your child you should book an appointment with your healthcare professional to discuss a prescription of calamine lotion, which will help your baby to cope with the unbearable itchiness and all unpleasant sensations associated with this condition. In severe cases, some stronger drugs might be prescribed by a qualified doctor only.
  2. If your child is young a good tactic would be to give your child gloves to prevent him or her from scratching. This will help to protect the skin from scratching and adding secondary infections like staphylococcus.
  3. Your child's bedroom, if he or she is staying in there during the illness, has to be regularly ventilated and disinfected daily. Make sure the temperature is not hot, and do not use the air conditioner while your child is ill. The bedding has to be changed every day, as well as your child's clothes. 
  4. The diet has to be light and reasonable; soup and other fluids are very helpful during this time. 
  5. Acetaminophen, paracetamol, and ibuprofen can be administered in the case of fever in the accordance with your child's age, body weight, and severity of the condition.
  6. A warm bath can be given to your child if his or her body temperature is normal. Your child should not be in a bath for more than 10 minutes, do not rub the rash, and do not apply soap to the affected areas. A quick, warm shower is even better. For children who are younger, under the age of five years old, a cool bath would be an appropriate option.
  7. In serious cases, aciclovir can be used successfully if it is taken timely. These remedies have to be prescribed by a qualified doctor only, and taken in accordance with the prescription.

What if the symptoms worsen?

If you notice any of these symptoms, contact your healthcare professional:

  • Weakness
  • Eats reluctantly, or feeding is impossible
  • Complains about an extreme headache or stomachache
  • Does not respond to pain killers
  • Has an intensive rash with swelling
  • Fatigued and irritable

Severe cases of the chicken pox are treated in hospitals. 

What is the alternative treatment for the chicken pox?

  • The alternative remedy for chickenpox is vidarabine, which is an antivirus drug used in cases when the infected are unresponsive to basic treatment measures (immunocompromised children).