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What Does it Take to Be the LLS's Man or Woman of the Year?

What Does it Take to Be the LLS's Man or Woman of the Year?

It's not just about a title, it's about curing cancer. Every year, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society honors a man and woman dedicated to raising the most money to support blood cancer research. As the world's biggest voluntary health organization that is dedicated to blood cancer, the mission of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is to cure all cancers of the blood including Hodgkin lymphoma, myeloma, leukemia, and lymphoma.

They host a program called Man & Woman of the Year. It's a competition that encourages people to fundraise and raise money for the society. Dedicated, passionate people always participate, raising thousands and thousands of dollars to support research and awareness of blood cancers.

The Man & Woman of the year is always someone dedicated to curing cancer

The honor is not taken lightly either. The people who win are always revered to be the forefront of finding a cancer cure. People take this competition seriously, and they have raised hundreds of millions of dollars since it began 27 years ago.

To compete in the fundraising competition, candidates will get together and form powerhouse teams. They then compete against other teams in honor of two kids who are blood cancer survivors in their local community. The campaign lasts 10 weeks, and there is one in 80 communities across the United States. The final winner gets recognized as the national Man and Woman of the Year.

Hundreds of competitors from all over the country

Over 900 men and women all over the United States engage in this competition to win this coveted award. To inspire and motivate the competitors, they always compete in honor of children in their local community. There is always a nominated Boy & Girl of the Year, who are survivors of leukemia or lymphoma and serve as the face of the local campaigns. The children not only boost motivation and inspire others, but they help raise awareness to fundraise for research to benefit others suffering from blood cancers. A vote is equal to every dollar raised. At the end of the competition, the winner is the man and woman who raised the most dollars.

A special group of candidates called "All-Stars"

People who compete time and time again get a special acknowledgment. They are called "All-Stars", and they are recognized for their unwavering support to the society's program. It's an honor to be competing as an All-Star, and you even get the opportunity to pick the Man & Woman of the year alumni to represent their local campaign. This is all wonderful and creative, in the name of supporting leukemia and lymphoma research and awareness all over the world.

Your typical Man and Woman of the Year is full of fire and passion for the cause

So what are they looking for in the next Man or Woman of the Year? The vice president of Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Andrew Coccari, shares with us that the Man and Woman of the Year is always someone who has compassion for others and a competitive spirit. These people have a fire burning and an unstoppable drive. They never tire and are dedicated to finding a cure for leukemia and lymphoma. They are always inspiring, motivated individuals who make a huge impact on their communities.

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Photo: Leukemia and Lymphoma Society