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What Eye Exercises Can Do for Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

These exercises could greatly improve fatigue and balance issues

The results still show that focused exercises may be able to benefit those with multiple sclerosis, especially those with lesions in the regions of their brain that impacts balance and eye movement.

Susan Bennett is a co-author of an editorial that accompanies the study, and a researcher at the University at Buffalo in New York. She says, "any person experiencing imbalance whether related to MS, inner ear disorder, brain stem injury, weakness or sensory loss in the legs will experience fatigue as the brain has to work harder to process limited information or inaccurate information to maintain an upright posture in standing and during walking."

She goes on to say that the supervised exercise program could really have an impact, stating, "the majority of people with MS could have an improvement in their balance, which would then reduce fall risk in this population."