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What Is Literotica?

What Is Literotica?

Literotica: What is it?

Literotica refers to creatively written erotica. The term originated from the website It features user-submitted erotic stories and poetry. The site's name, Literotica, caught on and has become synonymous for modern erotic literature. Literotica is an erotic composition that often contains soft porn material. Its goal is more about telling a story than titillating the reader with its sexual content.

Literotica was among the first adult sites to be open to story creators, quickly having replaced the use net erotic story sections. Its few rules prohibit stories about pedophilia and bestiality (except fantasy creatures like dragons and unicorns), and it is mostly aimed towards amateur writers and readers who prefer the (largely) image-free environment. Stories submitted include short, one-off stories, chain-stories written in collaboration with other authors, and entire novels submitted in a "chapter-by-chapter" mode.

The stories themselves are categorized into various themes, and there are also categories for stories with pictures and stories with audio.

An erotic tale is the perfect description of an unrealized sexual desire that someone sooner or later in life might like to experience. Reading these fantasies ticks the mind, causes chills along the back and triggers such pleasurable feelings that sometimes frighten. In many cases, for shame and fear of being considered scandalous and perverse, they prefer to get lost in the pages of a hidden tale rather than actually transform their desire. The erotic tale depicts the beauty of the sexual act, anxiety, excitement, the whim that precedes every moment of passion, always without exaggerating and without "showing" too much.

While men have a strong preference for porn to watch, many women prefer to read it. The explanation is in the different response to the sexual stimuli of males and females.

While the former are excited even with a single erotic stimulus, for example a naked breast, the latter need more stimuli simultaneously or in rapid succession. "And in men, unlike women, physical excitement and psychology go hand in hand: if there is erection, the male is excited," says the scientist.

The women's brain is designed to be more cautious. That's why it is time to choose partners with care and gather more information. Women are also more likely to want to read sexy stories rather than watch porn for many reasons. 

Where can I find literotica?

On the web, it's easy to find all sorts of spicy stories. There are special portals like or where more graphic stories are grouped into subcategories. Just look for someone on any search to understand that sexy stories are much more appreciated than you might think. Trying to be exciting and imaginative on the net is ideal for those who want to do it in the utmost secrecy, without having to necessarily go into a bookstore, without having to see it to their partner. These stories can be read free-of-charge at any time of the day, both from PCs and smartphones, and readers will be able to get lost in their hot imaginations. On the web, it is also easier to access fiction stories, which include highly desired and hot situations that you have to read to imagine.

The site also provides a series of chat rooms. Originally, this was through DigiChat's Java client software, but because of continued cyber attacks, this has moved to a Flash-based client. Chat registration is free and users are able to create their own public or password-protected private rooms. Chat rooms are moderated and the discussion of certain themes will lead to users being banned from the system. The site has also published collections of stories under a "Best of" banner, and makes income through ad sales and links to webcams, adult video on demand, and an online adult store.

Literotica stories

The Literotica website has published two books containing collections of stories from the website.

  • Literotica: The Very Best of, First Edition, published on November 1, 2001.
  • Literotica 2: The Very Best of, First Edition, published on January 5, 2009.

Literotica stories are sub-divided into categories like:

  • Celebrities and Fan Fiction - Parodies and erotic fan fiction about famous people.
  • Chain Stories - Collaborations between literotica authors.
  • Erotic Horror - Bizarre, shocking, scary, and sometimes sexy.
  • First Time - Memories & stories of people's first times.
  • How To - Advice and suggestions from our readers/authors.
  • Humor and Satire – Erotic stories with a little sense of humor.
  • Illustrated - Erotica with accompanying original visual artwork.
  • Letters and Transcripts - Fictional erotic correspondence.
  • Mature - Lust and love affairs.
  • Mind Control - Erotic-hypnosis and mind control.
  • Non-English - Erotic stories in other languages.
  • Non-Human - Aliens, ghosts, androids, and more.
  • Novels and Novellas - Erotic fiction with a broader scope.
  • Reviews and Essays - Your take on art, films, and all things sexual.
  • Romance - Drama, love, risk, and happily-ever-afters.
  • Sci-Fi and Fantasy - Erotic tales set in futuristic or fantastic worlds.
  • Text with Audio - Erotica with oral accompaniment.

Why literotica?

These erotic stories are not on the same level as pornography, because the Eros is lighter. These are just a glance at the idea of ​​an irresistible and hot fantasy. Unlike erotic literary novels, which can also cure feminine desire, the stories on the internet are shorter and more immediate. The stories are still not lost in mannerism and sophistication. Why do women love them so much? By reading a few pages, they can even escape with imagination from their daily lives. With erotic stories, for a few minutes, they forget about domestic affairs, work problems, family responsibilities, and leave for a small moment of pleasure. Unlike what one might believe, erotic stories on the internet are also loved by men, especially because they are not as prolific and romantic as the novels. With a simple reading of daring and dis-inhibited women, men will have the chance to imagine the fantasies they have always dreamed of trying with their partner, and maybe they will find the courage to really propose them. The most beloved by them are those in which males are the rulers and "subdue" their partner with sadomasochism or bondage games.

The women's favorite genre is the romantic tale, a longer story, sometimes even a few hundred pages, where there are some thrilling scenes here and there. For some time, a genre of erotic-erotic novel is spreading on the net, stories in which main subjects are famous characters such as sportsmen, singers, and the protagonists of films and books.

From reading a book to wonderful sex: why not? In some cases, reading also help sex, because the feminine Eros lives in reworking and speaking rather than in imagery, and writing nourishes fantasy. If a novel explicitly shakes you, what's wrong with it? If I revisit the book's situation and can engage my companion, why not? A bit of lightness and a refreshing long-term Eros can make the couple feel good. Today eroticism is compressed, and most couples are blind to making love or rarely make love. So, why not resuscitate the sleeping fantasy with an appetizing reading? It's worth trying at least, at all ages, even as an anti-aging agent. If in these novels there is a lucid use of the body, that's fine. If it is to earn money and power, then we have to reflect on this trend.


Is reading literotica bad for you?

Reading sex stories is not harmful if you're mature about what you are doing. As long as you keep in mind that everything you read or see is made up and probably exaggerates up to ten-twenty times what happens in real life, reading literotica occasionally cannot be harmful.  
Hyperbole is the device that's used in both sex stories and porn. With sex stories, people don't have to do any physical effort to exaggerate, so just wanting to do it suffices. In pornos, performers take drugs, some of which are injected into the penis so that they last longer or delay ejaculation.
As long as you're aware of that and your perception about sex and reality aren't skewed or distorted, it is not harmful. Keep in mind though, watching too much porn can lead to erectile dysfunction.