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What is Conjunctivitis: The Facts

What is Conjunctivitis:The Facts

Conjunctivitis is a condition that most commonly appears in the human eyeball, specifically in the front of the eye. Conjunctivitis can be seen when the white part of the eye turns red or pink.  Most people think that red eye can appear if they don’t sleep enough, but they might not actually be paying attention to symptoms.  We have to understand that there are different ways to solve this problem.  Sometimes conjunctivitis can be treated in a traditional sense.  Staying home and improving your personal hygiene can be very useful when it comes to treating this illness.  There are people who tend to cure themselves but be aware if you've never faced this problem before, you should visit a doctor immediately. 

Conjunctivitis is a highly contagious disease.  It can be transmitted from one to another.  So, the people who are trying to cure themselves from this infection, should try to avoid contact with other people because conjunctivitis can be transmitted by air, water and contact with others.  Many people are covering their eyes with an eye patch and thinking that they have stopped the potential spread. They don’t know how wrong they are. They haven't stop anything, but only made things worse.  Covering the eye is the most common mistake people make.  The eye needs to breathe and to be in contact with the air.  That’s why sometimes it’s better to do nothing, than to try to be your own personal doctor. 

There are several ways to prevent infection with conjunctivitis. Here are some of them:


          Wash your hands often, improve your personal hygiene

Washing your hands can be really useful when it comes to conjunctivitis.  Whether you like it or not, you will scratch your eye at least once a day.  That happens more than you will ever know.  Consciously or not, you will try to scratch your eyes and if your hands are dirty, there are chances that you are already infected with conjunctivitis. Pay more attention to your personal hygiene, and help reduce the likelihood of an infection.

-         Don’t not to open your eyes underwater

People enjoy swimming and snorkeling.  The bacteria that can cause this infection cannot be spotted at all.  No matter how clean the water seems to you, avoid opening your eyes underwater.  Use eye protection whenever possible when swimming.

          Wash your glasses and contact lenses often

Everything you put on your eyes is a potential conjunctivitis transmitter.  You may wear your glasses every day, but you will never know if they've been infected with conjunctivitis. Take caution and wash them often.  When it comes to contact lenses, many people prefer to wear them as a substitute for glasses.  But contact lenses can be even more dangerous than the glasses because they are in direct contact with the eye.  There is a liquid solution in which you can clean your contact lenses to protect yourself from this disease.


-          Avoid contact with people who are affected with conjunctivitis

Chances are that you will never know who is carrying this disease.  But, if you know a person is already infected with conjunctivitis, then you should avoid them until they have recovered. For their sake, yours, and for your loved ones, avoid contact with a person who is infected.  Conjunctivitis is a disease that can be transmitted easily, which is why you should avoid contact with the infected as much as possible.


These are precautions and solutions you should take in order to protect yourself from conjunctivitis.  If you feel you have been infected with conjunctivitis, contact a doctor immediately.