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What is a Good Drink to Consume When I Workout?

What is a Good Drink to Consume When I Workout?

It goes without saying that exercise is key to good health. Having the right kind of food and drinking adequate fluids also help in achieving this goal. Taking good amount of nutrients helps to give the power for the workout and also for repairing the muscles after the workout. But all of us have this doubt as to what to drink when we exercise. Most of us depend on the thirst signals to decide on how much and what to drink. But, truly speaking, that may not be enough, particularly if it is an outdoor activity or if it is summer.

One of the best choices among the various drinks for the body is pure water. If you are drinking any of the flavored water, ensure that the quantity is enough for keeping you well hydrated. For many, good flavors will ensure that the person drinks more fluid. The requirement for fluid replacement increases with the duration of workout as much water and electrolytes are lost through sweat.

Ideally for a moderate workout, normal water would be enough to replace the fluid in the body. If the exercise session continues beyond one hour, fruit juices diluted with water or sports drinks would be better. This will ensure that the body gets adequate amounts of carbohydrates and minerals. If you prefer sports drinks, opt for those that will provide around 14 grams of carbohydrates in the form of glucose, sucrose or fructose. An eight ounce serving of the drink should also include around 30 milligrams of potassium and about 100 mg of sodium. Avoid having carbonated drinks as it may upset the stomach. If you trying to cut down calories, try diluting the drink with water or have it with lots of ice.

Fitness water, one of the popular choices, contains fewer calories when compared to other drinks. If you like the flavor of it, you can go ahead and have it to keep yourselves well hydrated. Designer-water, yet another fast growing segment in drinks, claims to be fortified with vitamins, oxygen and minerals. One cannot be sure whether these drinks really help in losing weight as they claim to be. Another product in to avoid is vitamin water. Experts are of the opinion that vitamins are best obtained from variety of foods and beverages. So having enough of healthy foods is good to obtain sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals.