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What’s the Best Birth Control for Acne?


What’s the Best Birth Control for Acne?

If you’re suffering from acne, birth control might help in treating it. The synthetic hormones contained in certain birth control pills could assist in decreasing the secretion of excess oil from the sebaceous glands. This can typically minimize the chances of frequent breakouts. The ingredients available in different birth control pills can differ, therefore, be sure to confirm that your medication has the right combination of hormones.

Several types of birth controls are available. The synthetic components of these birth controls prevent the occurrence of any fertilization between the sperm and the ovarian egg. These pills can also:

  • Alter the uterine lining to prevent any implantations.
  • Prevent the ovaries from releasing any eggs.
  • Modify the consistency of cervical mucus to prevent the sperm from reaching the egg.

Most birth controls contain estrogen and progesterone hormones. Such kinds of pills are referred to as the combination pills. The amount of estrogen and progesterone is different for each combination pill. Despite offering significant benefits, those using these pills might experience:

  • Improved acne
  • Lighter and more regular periods
  • Reduced risk of some cancer diseases like colon, ovary, and uterus cancers
  • Lesser menstrual cramps

Acne is a form of skin irritation that ranges from mild to severe. It is often triggered by an increased amount of androgen, which is a hormone found in men. Androgen makes the sebaceous glands release extra sebum or oil. Acne can occur in several forms including:

Women can also develop acne due to hormonal changes taking place during puberty or adulthood. Taking certain medications and application of some cosmetics can also cause acne.

Acne treatments depend on the severity of the condition and an individual’s reaction to certain medications. The first form of treatment includes over-the-counter treatments like lotions and cleansers. If your acne persists for a long time and doesn’t respond to these medications, you might have to consult your doctor. Other options include retinoid, pill-based medications, and antibiotics. Birth control pills are also considered to be good treatments in women.

Several birth control brands are available. Each of them contains different types of hormones. The pills prescribed for acne must contain progestin with liberal androgenic possibilities. It has been confirmed that birth control pills containing high levels of drospirenone are more effective as compared to those having nomegestrol or norgestimate. However, combination pills with drospirenone content have been found to be less efficient than those medications that contain cyproterone acetate. This kind of distinction is not significant enough to rule out one form of birth control pill over the other.

Side Effects Accompanying Birth Control pills

Serious complications of birth controls include stroke, vein thrombosis, and heart attack. For those people who smoke and are aged above 35 years of age, there is a greater risk for cardiovascular diseases.

Talk to your medical physician about the best acne treatments that are suitable for you. A combination of birth control pills might be the best option. They can be the first-line alternative medications to antibiotics during prolonged acne treatments in women.  If you find it difficult choosing the right birth control pill that perfectly suits your needs, you may have to find another treatment option.