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What's the Overlap Between Stress and Parkinson's Disease?

Addressing Stress and Other Issues

Addressing stress in its many forms is recommend for those who face the daily challenges of PD. Issues such as composure imbalances and problems walking can only add to the strain that is faced on a daily basis. Additional stress can possibly lead to symptoms progressing at an even quicker rate. Although this is not conclusive evidence and each situation is different, is it vital to remember that networks have been established for those seeking help with symptoms outside of merely physical. Feeling forever perplexed in a 'flight or fight' response can be common for those with PD. Understanding these issues is important for researchers, therapists,medical professionals, and those within the Parkinson's community. Looking for techniques to handle stress can be useful, in addition to catching symptoms as soon as possible. Although it is vital to receive proper information from a medical professional, there have been various techniques to help improve the quality of life in those suffering with PD. Finding ways to decompress, a full sleep schedule, a proper diet, relaxed activities, and access to proper resources has been cautiously shown to improve the quality of life in many individuals with Parkinson's. Knowing the limit of activity a person can manage and what works for their lifestyle can truly make a difference in many cases.