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What's the Overlap Between Stress and Parkinson's Disease?

Understanding Stress on the Body and Parkinson's Disease

Stress can play a large impact in the lives of many individuals around the globe. Understanding how stress can affect the body and what the relation to Parkinson's disease could do is one thing that numerous people find comfort in. Stress can impact individuals in different ways, ranging from a wide array of stress related concerns. Knowing what to possibly expect and when to seek help can be a lifelong change that could improve daily activities for those in any stage of Parkinson's. Although individual cases may vary, stress can lead to a true swing of emotions. The inability to eat, overeating, restlessness, lower self-esteem, difficulty breathing, anxiety, avoiding others in social scenarios, lower energy, a weakened immune system, consistent worrying, increased narcotic habits, skin changes,and nervous behaviors are just a few of the numerous symptoms of stress that can make life even more stressful. Knowing how to manage these effects and when to seek professional, medical help is vital.