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Wheelchair Vans May Be a Necessity for Muscular Dystrophy Patients

Wheelchair Vans May Be a Necessity for Muscular Dystrophy Patients

Wheelchair Vans May Be a Necessity for Muscular Dystrophy Patients

For people with full functional ability, it is no difficult task to put on shoes and go wherever they please. However, for those with some kind of disability, wheelchairs enable their mobility, improve their abilities to perform self-care activities, and promote a sense of independence. Wheelchairs are without a doubt beneficial for both the disabled and their caregivers.

There are numerous causes of motor disability, including inherited conditions of the musculoskeletal or neurological system, trauma, or stroke. Muscular dystrophy falls under this category and is a disabling condition in which a wheelchair is essential for those with the disorder.

Wheelchairs are known to provide mobility to the ones who are disable and it also improves the ability to perform their own activities along with a sense of independence. Wheelchairs have become both beneficial as well as necessity for both the disabled as well as the caregivers. Muscular dystrophy is known to fall into that category which leads to disabled condition wherein wheelchair becomes essential for those suffering with this disorder. MD is known to be a progressive disorder of the skeletal muscles and there are multiple kinds of MD.

There are vast majority of individuals suffering from MD would ultimately need assistance in moving. Hence in such cases the wheelchairs which are powered electrically are very much essential for those suffering from MD. These wheelchairs would help the patient to move around freely, it would increase their confidence and also raise their self-esteem. Those individuals who use wheelchair should also have access to the van for accommodating a wheelchair. Though it may turn out to be a bit costly but these vans are known to provide a higher quality of life for the individual suffering from MD and it is a good transport mode and also less of a concern.

All the various types of MD share similar characteristics hence the same kind of symptoms would be experienced by individuals with different types of MD. The weakening of the skeletal muscles is said to be the common kind of progressive symptom and also there is no cure or there is no way an individual can regain this muscular structure. Due to this loss the individual is unable to climb stairs, run, walk, raise their hands or stand up. Since the spine is known to be supported by the skeletal muscles there are deformities which can also arise in the spine for those suffering from MD. Apart from the physical health, MD is also known to start affecting the mental health of the individual hence it is not something uncommon for those suffering from MD to face signs of depression or anxiety disorders.

Myotonic muscular dystrophy is one of the type of MD which is said to be characterized by myotonia and it is known to occur when the muscles stay contracted after one performs any certain kind of movement. This can affect both male as well as females. Those individuals who suffer from MD are known to have a short life expectancy.  The Duchenne muscular dystrophy is considered to be the severe type among all the forms of MD. It is known to mostly affect boys at a very early age and by the time the child is between eight to twelve years old they become bound to wheelchairs. Apart from loss of mobility and deterioration those who suffer from DMD are also known to suffer from complications such as cognitive related issues, lung disorder as well as the postural deformities. In this case the average lifespan is approximately of 25 years.