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Why Banning Drinking Straws Upsets Muscular Dystrophy Patients

Seattle's ban does have a yearlong exception for people with disabilities

The city of Seattle believes it has struck a proper compromise. In the ordinance for the elimination of plastic straws, the city outlines a yearlong exception for people who are disabled.

“The new director’s rule provides a waiver for flexible plastic straws, which can be provided to customers who need such a straw due to a medical or physical condition,” City of Seattle spokeswoman Ellen Pepin-Cato told CNN.

While a patron will not have to prove that they are disabled to a business, the business will have to make  the final decision on whether or not to provide a person with a straw.

“Requiring people with disabilities to treat a routine fast food trip as something that requires planning and supplies is an unplanned failure in equity,” wrote Disability Rights Washington in its letter to the city.

Landau shared her DSW’s sentiments, stating “straw bans are a microcosm of the larger issue. Access needs are entirely ignored.”

While Seattle has faced some criticism from the disabled community, Miami Beach, Florida took a much less thoughtful approach and made no exceptions. However, they will be actively obtaining feedback from their community for the first three months from their community.