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Why Banning Drinking Straws Upsets Muscular Dystrophy Patients

Why just straws? They're easier to eliminate and Americans use approximately 500 million everyday

According to the National Park Service, Americans use an estimated 500 million “drinking straws” every day. Melges, who regularly monitors ocean pollution, told reporters at CNN that plastic straws make up a relatively small percentage of the actual garbage found in the oceans and other bodies of water. When Melges goes on clean ups, she says that she comes across more food wrappers and plastic bottles than she comes across straws. She believes that straws are not the primary focus because they are a huge problem, but rather because straws are a much simpler problem to solve.

“They’re a relatively easy item to eliminate,” Melges said. “They’re not a necessity for every single person… they’re the first entry point into tackling plastic pollution.”