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Woman in Prison Denied Compassionate Release to Take Care of her Husband with Muscular Dystrophy

What should we expect with compassionate release in the future?

Even though there have been successes won by advocacy groups, the process is still terribly flawed. The Office of the Inspector General discovered in one year alone there were only 2 out of 93 aging inmates who applied for compassionate release for non-medical reasons, were heard and granted. None of the 203 older inmates who applied for medical compassionate release were granted release. What do these reforms do for Connie and Rex? Absolutely nothing. Connie’s first petition for compassionate release was denied, and there is no guarantee that her second request will come to the attention of the Bureau of Prisons. In the meantime, she sits in prison, while her husband’s health deteriorates, eviction from his condo is imminent, and there is no hope for a cure for Rex.