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Wonder Dog Saves Diabetic Patient's Life After Detecting Her Low Blood Sugar

The connection between Sam and Cleo was immediate.

Alarmed by her dark thoughts, she went decided to apply for an emotional support animal, also known as an ESA. After going through a stringent application for an ESA, followed up by an interview process with her college’s disability office, Sam was qualified to have an ESA. Then, she went to a shelter where she met Cleo.

“... I visited a shelter. There, I felt an immediate connection with Cleo, a 2-year-old tortoiseshell cat,” Sam reflects. “Cleo seems to have a sixth sense that helps her tune into my emotions; if I’m angry, sad, or afraid, she rubs up against me until I pet her, which helps shift my mind away from what’s bugging me.”

The thought of Cleo helps Sam get through her day. Knowing she has Cleo at home lets her know that she doesn’t have to go home and deal with her mental health illnesses alone. While she has face some criticism from fellow students who accuse her of applying for an ESA so that she could have a pet in her dorm, most people love Cleo. And rightfully so.