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Wonder Dog Saves Diabetic Patient's Life After Detecting Her Low Blood Sugar

This man's best friend kept Maddy safe multiple times.

Willy’s life-saving skills have helped Maddy greatly and kept her safe from harm’s way. One time, she was in a meeting at work when Willy let her know that her blood sugar was dropping. She had just tested herself and it seemed like the levels were good. She was skeptical of Willy, but decided it’s better to be safe than sorry. She grabbed her medication just in case Willy was right, and he was. “Ten minutes later, I had a scary crash,” Maddy said.

Another time, Maddy was sleeping restlessly when Willy woke her up. Maddy checked her blood sugar, finding that it was life-threateningly low. “I’m not sure I would have woken up at all that night if it weren’t for Willy.”