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Wonder Dog Saves Diabetic Patient's Life After Detecting Her Low Blood Sugar

Willy and Maddy were matched by Can Do Canines.

Determined to continue living her best life, Maddy followed up on this exciting news from her relative. In January 2017, the organization Can Do Canines matched Maddy with Willy, who is a 2-year-old golden retriever. Willy is Maddy’s companion  and is with her 24/7. It's also safe to say that the pair couldn't be happier together.

“Even before my glucose monitor detects a drop in blood sugar, Willy will paw at my leg or lie at my face, so I know I need to grab juice or applesauce to bring the level back up,” Maddy explained. “If I become debilitated from a drop, Willy knows to retrieve the glucose tablets I keep around the house, bring my phone over so I can call 911, and bark or scratch at doors to get help from neighbors.”