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Wrist-Worn Device Can Reduce Tremors Caused by Essential Tremor and Parkinson's Disease

Wrist-Worn Device Can Reduce Tremors Caused by Essential Tremor and Parkinson's Disease

Patients who suffer from tremors might be able to find relief through a non-invasive device that is meant to stimulate the nerves. Currently, this device is being researched in clinical trials, and experts hope that it will be a new non-surgical way to help patients who experience tremors.

Tremors are a common symptom of a neurological disorder, like Parkinson's disease, and post-traumatic stress. Quivering or trembling might seem relatively harmless, but it can usually indicate a more serious disease.

Another common form of tremors, however, is known as essential tremor, which affects more than 700 million Americans. Although the true cause of essential tremor is not understood, doctors know that this neurological condition causes the hands, legs, head and even the torso to tremble. More severe cases could even affect the patient’s vocal cords, making their voice sound weak and shaky when speaking. Right now, patients have limited treatment options and no cure, so the only option patients usually have is to learn how to live with it.

Essential trembling will only occur when the patient is awake, so several, if not all, of their daily tasks will be affected. It can be exhausting, both physically and mentally, to live with a tremor that won’t go away. 

One of the few ways patients choose to get relief is by undergoing brain surgery, which involves using a pacemaker-like device for deep brain stimulation. For those who suffer from essential tremor or other neurological diseases that, this invasive treatment option is not a guarantee and poses many

But, this wrist-worn invention that is FDA approved can make treatment easier for patients. Not only does it give patients hope, it also gives them a chance to live tremor-free.

Read on to learn why this device will help patients, with essential tremor and Parkinson's disease, reduce their tremors.