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Wrist-Worn Device Can Reduce Tremors Caused by Essential Tremor and Parkinson's Disease

All patients wearing this device reported on some kind of improvement

The study was funded by Cala Health Inc., a California based company that is developing the device. So far, the studies have been done in a controlled clinical setting and at home over a short period of time. In both cases, patients performed daily tasks while wearing the device while some wore fake devices that did not stimulate nerves.

Over 100 patients with essential tremor were asked to wear the device three times a day for a specific length of time. Those who wore working devices reported little to no side effects and a definite improvement of their tremors. There was only 3% of the group that was tested reported side effects, which were mainly redness and slight irritation that cleared up quickly with no lasting results. The patients that were tested all suffered from tremors at varying degrees of severity, and all patients reported on some kind of improvement in their hands and arms while wearing the device.